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If you’re familiar with tantric sex, you may also be familiar with the concept of tantric massage therapy. Lingam massage is a type of tantric massage therapy that involves massaging mainly the penis and surrounding areas.

The goal of lingam massage isn’t to simply have an orgasm. Rather, it’s to create a meditative sexual and spiritual experience.

Tantric massage has a long history of use as an instrument to help develop sexual and spiritual awareness.

Contrary to some modern interpretations of this tradition, tantric practices aren’t purely about sex. Instead, tantric massage therapy involves learning how to build up sexual energy to experience the pure feeling of pleasure.

Lingam Massage for Men

Lingam massage, derived from the Sanskrit word for “penis,” is a type of tantric practice that involves massaging the penis and the areas around it. During a lingam massage, the body parts that get massaged are the:

  • buttocks
  • penis
  • testicles
  • perineum (the area between the anus and scrotum)
  • possibly prostate

While a lingam massage is intended to be a sexual experience, there are many benefits beyond just pleasure. It’s believed that lingam massages can:

  • Promote full body healing. Despite their sexual nature, tantric practices like lingam massage are intended to promote healing. According to Buddhist principles, it’s believed that lingam massage can help the recipient heal from past trauma and align themselves with their spiritual and sexual self.
  • Relieve stress throughout the body. Sex is an activity that benefits the body and mind, with advantages such as increased libido and reduced risk of chronic diseases. When you participate in a lingam massage, you’re combining these benefits with the stress-relieving relaxation of massage therapy.
  • Improve sexual stamina and sexual experiences. Whether you’re interested in increasing your sexual stamina or just learning to enjoy sex more, lingam massages can allow you to embrace this in a safe space.
  • Explore spirituality and mindfulness. Experiencing something in the moment, just as it’s intended, is an example of mindfulness. If you’re a spiritual person, enjoying frequent lingam massages can help you develop that mindfulness practice.

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