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Posted - February 05 2006 :  11:39:32 AM  Show Profile  Visit mnerd's Homepage  Reply with Quote
*The following are E-Books (All with color pictures).
*They are all $5 each (Or $50 for all of them)
*All of the E-Books are in PDF format
*We will e-mail them, once we receive your money through 'Pay-Pal'
*There is a lot of free massage related information on the site

There is no Shipping & Handling, because all E-Books are emailed to you
I will add extra books when you purchase all of them
If you would rather have it on a CD, then include $5 for S & H

**Sports Massage
(180+ Unique Sports Massage Techniques)
Sports massage is not just for athletes anymore.
The techniques in this book are rarely used and incorporate Neuromuscular Therapy, All stretching techniques, Breathing techniques, and the client working with you…’NOT AGAINST YOU’!
I’ve heard so many times that a therapist could not get deep enough pressure, well times have changed and it’s time for the client to get what they want.

**NeuroMuscular Therapy
(65+ Deep-Tissue Techniques/Styles)
I see pain relief in your future...
NMT is the wave of the future! About everyone can give a good relaxing massage, but not everyone has the techniques to perform NMT treatment (I will give you the skills to pay the bills). These techniques can be used on most other parts of the body and they can be altered to form them to the client.
The styles in this book have web sites were you can find more information on them and the techniques are all original (I have been in the field many years and most therapists perform the same routine over…and over…and over). There are 3 famous words to live by if you are a massage therapist:
“Mix It Up”!

**Trigger Point Therapy
(100+ Muscles with Trigger Points)
There are 100+ Charts and muscles in this book. All colored pictures.

**Thai Massage / American style
(225+ Floor Stretching Techniques)
Floor stretching with a TWIST!
Thai Massage/American style incorporates Thai Massage techniques with a western flare. Thai massage for the average person is hard to understand and too complicated with their form of medicine. The reason I call it Thai Massage/American Style is so you don’t have to worry about the Sen Lines (Meridian lines) and other things related to the style.
It is a ‘MUST KNOW’ for Sports Massage therapist, just imagine a 350 pound athlete and they want to be stretched…You have to use all your body weight to even come close to their expectations. This book gives you information you can survive off of, instead of using the term: ’Will massage for food’. Try something different and keep your regular clients longer than your mortgage payment. Variety is the spice of life!

**Muscle Testing
(12+ Muscle Testing Techniques)
Test the muscles; before they test you (My “motto”)!
Muscle testing is hardly ever used in the massage field and I want to change that. Scenario: Would you buy a house without getting it inspected (Of course not)…then why would you NOT test the muscles on a client before you treat them? Get in the habit; it just takes a moment to test muscles!
It is a specialized use of tests to find problems in the muscles. The techniques are usually applied with the client wearing shorts (sports bra for women) or unclothed with proper draping.
The techniques used are: Nerve techniques (Light pressure), Applied Kinesiology, Regular stretching, Resistive stretching (Client pushes against you) and others.
There are 12 general MUSCLE TESTS that can be used all over the body and 100’s of specific ones.

**Self Stretching
(150+ Self-Stretching Techniques)
You can only go out and play; once your homework is done!
Give the client something to do on their own to help them! Some people say that if you stretch on a regular basis, you could alleviate up to 50% of your pain. Most hospitals have pain clinics and most what they do is to help you deal with your pain. Physical Therapy is most about: “Helping the
Client…Help Themselves.” Copy these pictures off to give to your clients (Usually not more than 3 stretches per visit, because most of them will forget how to perform them or perform them wrong).

**Myofascial Release
(Over 35+ unique stretching techniques that can be
used all over the body)
The Sloooooooooooooooooow Stretch!
Most people only perform the cross-handed stretch; well here is a few more that can be incorporated on the client. Myofascial Release is a wonderful and amazing technique and I want you to experience all the wonders of MFR. Also, this book contains information other styles pertaining to MFR.

**River Stone Massage
(50+ river stone massage techniques)
Hot Rock Therapy has been around for centuries and it has just become popular in the last 10 years. The rocks will increase your client load and decrease your pain load. With incorporating rocks into your massage treatment, you will give the client what they want and you will reap all the benefits of thermal therapy. This book will show you many techniques that incorporate rocks (A lot more then other books and videos). This book even explains about using crystals and cold rocks on the client’s body. So, why would you want to waste your time looking for that magic technique, when you can have it all in this book?

**Table Stretching
(300+ Table Stretching Techniques)
Stretch me Once: What a tease…
Stretch me Twice: Is a good start…
Stretch me Three times: I will come back for another appointment…
You probably didn’t realize that the body can stretch in over 300 different positions. The fact is, stretching can greatly enhance your massage treatment, and it can be relaxing.
Stretching the client can make it easier on your body and it gives you a little break from the “over used” Swedish massage routine. The trick with stretching a draped body is the client will hold onto the sheet while you perform the stretch. All of these stretching techniques can be incorporated into Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), like PNF, CRAC, RI, and many others (My other book on MET explains over 40 different MET’s).

(50+ Different Techniques for the Feet)
It helps your Sole/Soul…
Reflexology has been around for thousands of years and the only thing that has changed in all those years is about to happen with this book. Most Reflexologists just compress a tender area on the foot, well the feet want more then that (How about stretching, gliding and other techniques).

**350+ Swedish Massage Techniques
Are you frustrated with performing the same techniques over…and over…and over?
Well, have I got the cure for you. I have compiled most of the techniques that I have developed over the past 8 years into one book. You will never get bored with this book!

**Muscle Energy Techniques
(40+ Unique Stretching Techniques)
The most impressive way to keep a client (They can see the difference)!
How many of you stretch on a regular basis…5% of you? Well, stretching can be incorporated into a regular massage routine or just by its self. Stretching can be relaxing…Imagine that! Stretching is VERY under used in the massage profession and needs to be incorporated into our practice. All of the stretching techniques can be used on other parts of the body. All of the MET’s can be incorporated into most of the parts of the body (My other book on table stretching explains all the different ways to stretch the body).

(40+ Different Pictures of Draping the Client)
The most over looked piece of the massage
Draping has to be taken seriously (I had my doubts about making a draping book, but when I hear horror stories out in the massage field about draping mishaps…then I feel much better). There are so many different positions you can have a client on the table, so why don’t you take advantage of it and make them feel comfortable.

**25+ Different SOAP Charts
The massage field is lacking the ability to chart in a legal matter. I invented 25+ different charts you can choose from, so you can choose what way you would like to chart. There is also information on how to chart in this book.

**Pregnancy and Special Populations
In this book you will find the acupressure points to stay away from during pregnancy and other helpful hints (It gives you 10+ different positions to massage the pregnant woman in). Also, it shows you many other positions to have a client in with specific problems.

**5+ Energy Treatments, Breathing, Craniosacral & New Age
Explore the different styles of massage related modalities. Incorporate energy work and other forms into your current treatment.

**Body Mechanics, Posture & 50+ Actions
In this book there is many: posture evaluation charts, information on proper posture and 50+ actions of the body (All have pictures).
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