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How to make MassageOnline.Net your web site.

Do you want to have your own Massage web site?  One just exactly like MassageOnline.Net?  Now you can.

See the FAQs and read all about it below. Then order with our secure online order form.  It's as easy as:

Massage Resources - listings of professional massage therapists, product resources, massage schools, and other useful information for massage therapists and the clients seeking a massage therapist. Simply sign up online.
Massage Resources - listings of professional massage therapists, product resources, massage schools, and other useful information for massage therapists and the clients seeking a massage therapist. Send us all the text and photos you want on your web site pages via email.
Massage Resources - listings of professional massage therapists, product resources, massage schools, and other useful information for massage therapists and the clients seeking a massage therapist. Direct people to your new email and web site address @ MassageOnline.Net.

Your own font of information where you can be found by local prospects and direct those who are not in your area to a great place to find therapist referrals, as well as books, cassettes, etc.? 

What you get for only $4.95:

Your own web site at MassageOnline.Net
Your own email address @ MassageOnline.Net
Your own text and photographs.
Design and Set up free.
Search engine submission services free.

Now you can own www.MassageOnline.Net!  For only $4.95 US a month you can own a Web Site on MassageOnline.Net just like this one:

Sample Web Site

Web site: http://MassageOnline.Net/GoldenLotus

with an email address like this: GoldenLotus @ MassageOnline.Net

If you are like most massage professionals, you don't need to spend your time and money developing a full web site.  You don't need to do all that work, shopping around, no need to hire anyone or learn html, Java, programming, web design or MS FrontPage just to have an Internet presence.  You simply need an attractive professional presence on the Internet with a matching email address and an affiliation with a font of information, referrals and a professional "massage" web site.

That's why we created MassageOnline.Net Web Sites.

There are always "free" web site services available on the Internet but they are unprofessional looking with banner ads and popup windows that make the wrong kind of statement about your company.  With a  MassageOnline.Net website you'll not only have a domain name to quality brand your massage business but also an e-mail address with the same MassageOnline.Net branding.  All this for less money than most services charge for e-mail alone!  

Go to secure order form  Only $4.95 US per month!

Of course, if you are selling a new book or audio cassettes you may need a web site with a full domain name, shopping cart or secure order pages, in which case, we hope you will consider www.TELEsites.Net for complete design, hosting and setup.  They will be happy to do it all for you at a low, reasonable price that includes hosting and design.  See more information here

However, for most Massage Therapists, you can easily share the massage links, resources and abundance of information already placed online at MassageOnline.Net.  You can take advantage of the ever increasing traffic to our popular site by getting a Web Site and email address both for only $4.95 (US) a month. *  

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MassageOnline.Net Web Site?

A distinctly unique single page or multi-page site with your business information listed within the MassageOnline.Net web site.  Your address would be: http://MassageOnline.Net/your_name_here and your email address would be: your_name_here @ MassageOnline.Net 
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Do I have to be in the United States to get a Web Site?

Absolutely not.   Many countries charge a lot for domain registration and this will allow you to keep your costs low and still use a great Internet .com address.  Think of MassageOnline.Net as your off-shore web site.   Go to order form *

How much does it cost?

Get a www.MassageOnline.Net web_site (completely designed and published by the talented staff at www.telesites.net ) for only $4.95 US per month (paid yearly in advance).  There is no need to register a domain name with the InterNIC so you save $70 in up-front fees and $35 per year (save even more if you live in other countries).    You also save in time and money by not having to do anything but fill out one simple form.  Everything else is done for you. 
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What domain names are available?

You can use any name you want as long as it hasn't already been used or reserved within the MassageOnline.Net Child Web Sites.  For example: http://MassageOnline.Net/goldenlotus would be fine even if  was already taken on the Internet.  Almost all names are available again as a Child Web under the MassageOnline.Net umbrella.   
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Why associate myself with MassageOnline.Net?

This highly visited site draws more and more traffic each day.  As an affiliate you can refer prospects and clients to it's online referrals base, schools listing, associations listings and quality information, as if it were "your own" web site.  Your own links to "everything about massage, online."  How could you go wrong being part of it.  Why re-invent the wheel and build your own full site just to get clients in your area, when they can find you right here, online... at MassageOnline.Net.    
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How will people find me on MassageOnline.Net?

You should list yourself in all the online databases listed on our main page, of course.  Our site is submitted and registered several times each month with every search engine and Internet directory of any interest to massage and massage therapy.  Your web pages are set up with your own title, keywords and description (known as meta tags) so when people are looking in any search engine they will find you and MassageOnline.Net.   One source for massage  information online and our free referrals guide.  We also submit your Child Web as though it were a full domain web site.  So you are actually being submitted to the search engines many many times over and this submission service alone is usually more than $4.95 per month.  
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I already have an email address why would I need another?

As a Massage Therapist you will have a better professional image with an email address that reads your_name @ MassageOnline.Net rather than with one with @AOL.com, @webtv.com or @earthlink.net in it.  Why advertise for AOL, compuserve or whatever internet provider you use for your email?  Short of having your own full web site (see www.telesites.net) this is the best way to affiliate yourself with a highly visible, information packed and quality web site at a very low price.   
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How does the email work?

Email is forwarded directly to your existing email provider.  It simply goes through the massage Online Mail Server and is re-directed to your regular email account.  The redirect  is completely hidden in the background.  This works with any and all email accounts from anyplace in the world.  (i.e.- your_name @ MassageOnline.Net goes to your_name@aol.com)  This also allows you to keep your existing email address for persons who already have you listed that way. 
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. *

What if I have text and information I want included on my Web pages? 

You simply email any text and photos directly to us and we will do all the publishing.  Future changes to your site after it is completed may require a small editing fee.  However changes to address, phone or simply changes like these, will be done for free as long as they are submitted by email.  If you have photos you would like on the site simply email them to us.  If they need to be scanned you can snail mail them to us and we will place them all on your site for a small fee.    
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What if I decide to get a full web site of my own at a later date?

No problem, we will make all the links at MassageOnline.Net re-direct to your full web site so you won't miss a single hit.   We hope you will use www.telesites.net to host, design and publish your new site.   If so, we will be happy to waive the set up fee and apply any unused child web fees toward the new TELEsites fees.   We can also register your new sites unique name for you with the InterNIC.  If that isn't enough, we will keep your child web where it is and create a link from it to your new full domain TELEsites.NET web site.  
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But I already have a full web site?

Then why are you reading this?   Seriously though, if you transfer your web site over to our powerful, fast www.telesites.net Windows Advanced Servers, with diverse multiple connections and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, we will give you a rotating and standing banner advertising on MassageOnline.net absolutely free.  See our impressive technology list at www.telesites.net for more details and prices. *   

Won't my site be down for a period of time if I transfer it to www.TELEsites.net?

The transfer will be completely transparent and you won't have a second of down time.   We do everything for you, so you can focus on your business.    Leave it all to us, simply fill out the order form at www.TELEsites.Net and check transfer domain. *

Alright, I'm sold how do I get started?

Go to this form and fill it out.  We will do everything else. *

(Small print: Some "gold" names have been reserved for future sponsors.  MassageOnline.Net has final approval on all name requests. Names are issued on a first-come first-paid basis.  Additional email addresses are available for $2 US per month.  All Child Web fees are based on 12 month minimum paid 12 months in advance.  Prices are subject to change at yearly renewal.  Additional site editing, if requested, may require designer or programmer fees which will be billed at our  current modest rates.)


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